Whether you need a business card, advertisement, mailer, menu, brochure, poster, trade show graphic or product packaging, I know graphic design. Businesses hire me for my creative eye and technical expertise.

My print design process starts with collaboration. We discuss your specific needs. Do you need custom packaging for your newest product? Signage for your retail space or trade show booth? Whatever your need, I have the experience to bring it to life. Once we have established your needs, the design process begins.

I handle everything a business needs to put its best foot forward. I can create striking business cards, brochures, and stationery, ensuring that your business is memorable and respected. I can help you craft a brand image that will make your market excited to do business with you. I can conjure up poster ads that are irresistible, create eye-appealing graphics, and I can even handle printing.

Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, mailers, also know as corporate collateral. These items and more are designed with a specific objective in mind. They are the tactical material of your brand strategy. The collateral of your brand is often the first impression of your product or service and first impressions really count. A poorly executed design can do as much damage as a great professionally designed solution can do to enhance the perceived value of your offering and increases your sales.

With as much as you’re going to be spending on advertising placement, why shouldn’t your advertising be producing direct sales? Successful print advertising creates excitement, engages readers, is a source of news and information, provides a hard to resist call to action, generates leads and produces sales of your product or service. Additionally, it produces exposure, brand awareness and is in essence a form of public relations.

Most customers don’t decide to buy on the spot. Over 70% of sales are made in the weeks following an exhibition or trade show. Send your customers home with the information they’ll need to make the right decision by giving them a well-crafted sell sheet with photographs, pricing information, and a compelling call to action. Include sell sheets as part of a sales kit to help seal the deal.

Brochures are a critical part of a marketing plan. Quite often they are the leave behind after you meet with a customer or the piece a customer takes with them after visiting your business. A brochure is the lasting impression your potential customer has for you. It must make a great impression for your company.

Whether you are a restaurant needing to list all of your succulent food items, or a salon and day spa offering a list of premier services, you need a menu to entice your customers. Full color menus filled with photos will motivate your customers to order a product or service. Menus can also be sent via direct mail and can be highly effective with the addition of a coupon.

Good things come in great packages. Food, beverage, ice cream, wine, cosmetics; no matter the industry, a handsome package is a long-term investment into selling your product and getting where you want to go. Packaging design also happens to be one of my favorite things to do. I’ll work to develop a custom-packaging solution entirely from scratch, or I can help you find creative ways to start small.

I can help you meet the demands of today’s global marketplace by overcoming communication barriers with accurate translations and interpretations. I can have anything translated, from personal documents to complicated scientific texts and websites. Any language, any venue, every medium.

As soon as a job is on the press, money is being spent. You need to be confident about your artwork. It requires attention to detail and I can provide that attention. I have years of experience working prepress for large scale commercial printers. Resolution, size, color, bleed. I know how artwork needs to be created and submitted. I can follow industry standards, or go by specifications supplied by your printer.